The Blank Canvas

20 December 2006

The blank canvas, the tabula rasa, the dread white planes of the empty space! I must scrawl something here – a few scribbles, a daub or two, anything to set me off on my new venture – the Wilx Collection.

My gallery, my great exhibition space… Ah… I pause to survey the cool white of this temporary lacuna. Soon it will be full of wonders. Exhibited here will be treasures collected from my travels – and others from closer to home – but all will be creative works that I value and wish to share.


Soon, once my space is ready. I refuse to exhibit until I’ve achieved the right ambience. So why have I opened my doors so prematurely?

I must apologise, dear visitor, if you’ve arrived here before my grand opening. Or should that be private view? Public/private view? Anyway, who can resist visiting new premises before the paint has dried and carpet laid? It’s a novelty to be in such an empty space, our lives are normally so crammed full of things. I couldn’t help but leave the door open for you too.

But I must get on, I have many treasures to unpack. There’s so much to do before I launch my first exhibit.


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